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Buy this Royal Respect with Delft blue Flower still life.
When the corona broke out in the Netherlands I came up with this little flower still life.
"Royal Respect" Delsft blue vase & Great Tit with the flowers "Forget me staples" as small as they are but such a beautiful name and the Great Tit as meaning for Great Tit: Cheerfulness, truthfulness, reality and carefree and the beautiful little butterfly.

A beautiful gift as appreciation or respect for your fellow human being to give away but also to be allowed to hang on your own empty wall.
You will find "Royal Respect" Floral Still Life in the collections Blue, Collage, Delfts blue, Digital art, Eurasian blue tit, Flowers, Grandeur chic, Great tit, Insect, Living style classic, Modern still life, Photography and Still life.
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This artworks is offered by Sander Van Laar

Van Laar (43) from Veenendaal, married and is father of 2 beautiful children. Besides his family, he has another great passion for photography and image editing.

The new master of still life with flowers that never wilt.
Everyone loves beautiful bouquets, don't they? Sander van Laar brings colourful peace into the home with bouquets that don't wilt easily. With his camera and the Photoshop photo-editing programme, he follows in the footsteps of the old Dutch Masters in a contemporary way.

In 2017, Sander won an award "The Great Paul 2017".
"There he was labelled as the new digital artist of the contemporary arts in photography. Sander turns everything into a Work of Art"

Most important thing Sander wants to see in his (flower) still lifes is line play, velvety flowers combined with dramatic contrasts.

Giving the feeling that it is painted but with a digital touch so there is something for every little pixel....
A true delight to have on your wall sander's artwork.
This is also why work on the wall has selected a number of contemporary flower still lifes for the VTwonen television programme Verliefd op je huis on SBS6, with Kees Tol as presenter ( Who now also has a beautiful "van Laar Royal FLora" hanging on the wall )

Feel free to look at my website for any limited edition flower still lifes these are made in editions with certificate.

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"Royal Respect" Floral Still Life by Sander Van Laar

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