Abstract: "The resting drop"

by Marjolijn van den Berg

- Art code: 1 129 090

Marjolijn van den Berg about Abstract: "The resting drop"

"Abstract: 'The resting drop'" is a pastel-coloured macro photo of a water droplet lying on the edge of a petal. (Because it is only a very small piece that is photographed, and the focus in the photo is on a small piece (the droplet), it creates an image you don't immediately recognise: abstraction.

This work could be described as pastel-coloured modern abstraction, but because the focus is on the few drops, there is still something to hold on to in the work, something recognisable, so you can see what it could be.
This work could, for example, hang beautifully as a wall decoration in the waiting room, bedroom, hallway or, of course, just above the couch
©Marjolijn van den Berg
You will find Abstract: "The resting drop" in the collections Abstract, Blue, Digital art, Drops, Flowers, Hyacinth, Light blue, Living style design, Modern, Modern abstract, Photography, Purple and Waiting room.
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This artworks is offered by Marjolijn van den Berg

In 2016 Marjolijn van den Berg graduated for professional photography. She likes to experiment with light and different shapes, colors and materials.

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Abstract: "The resting drop" by Marjolijn van den Berg

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Art code: 1 129 090
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