Colour richer it cannot be .

by DesignedByJoost

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DesignedByJoost about Colour richer it cannot be .

This hermit lobster showed more colours of itself than I had ever seen before. I had found it during a night dive along the coast in Aruba. It is always so special to photograph animals during a night dive because then the colours come out much more beautifully. This is really a picture for people who love the underwater world , cheerful and very colourful. It would fit fantastically in a living room, bedroom or hotel lobby.
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My name is Joost Boerman, born in the netherlands, but when I was 20, I moved to the sunny island of Aruba. Here I discovered the beauty of the underwater world. Soon I bought a gopro to capture this world. But when I moved to Australia a few years later, I was able to buy a professional underwater camera and this was the start of a great hobby. I invested in more lenses to capture big animals, from whales to the smallest creatures like nudibranchs. Sins I left my hometown in the Netherlands, my goal is to travel around the world. I currently live in Aruba and the US, but I will move to Norway this summer. By selling my photos, I try to support my travels. For questions, please feel free to contact me anytime! Dear Joost

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Colour richer it cannot be . by DesignedByJoost

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Art code: 1 124 586
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