Flying for justice

by Michiel Folkers

- Art code: 167 272

Michiel Folkers about Flying for justice

This piece of art is partly made up of streetposters, collected from the walls of Amsterdam. A torn and edited print, is then placed on a collage of streetposters, which creates a richly-textured total. Afterwards acrylic and spray paint is applied to the portrait followed by application of a high glossy lacquer which gives the artwork a shiny finish.
You will find Flying for justice in the collections Art for Father's Day, Batman, Cartoon character, Clark Kent, Collage, Contemporary, Graffiti, Hero, Paintings, Pop art, Urban / Street and Vtwonen exhibition 2016.
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This artworks is offered by Michiel Folkers

When asked about the background of a piece of art, artists often provide deep and 'interesting' stories about the ideas motivating the work. Simple works of art are thus transformed into something great to be praised. Michiel Folkers, or Gieler, will not bother you with stories about where he get his inspiration from and what drives him to paint. What matters to him is that a painting looks nice, and people want to hang it above their sofas. The technique he is using is mostly a combination of acrylic, spraypaint and silkscreening. Since 2014 he is using posters (he collects from walls out of the streets), hand tearing all the posters creates a unique image on canvas. His style can be described as popart or stencilart. Recurring topics are animals, women and heroes (or anti-heroes). Gieler lives in Amsterdam, the city where he started doing graffiti years ago.

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Flying for justice by Michiel Folkers

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Art code: 167 272
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