HEY YOU by Ted van den Aarssen

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Ted van den Aarssen Profile picture In the work and miniature world 'HEY YOU' I allow worlds to converge and flow in a layered collage. On the one hand, through the art forms used such as watercolour, photography and digital technique, on the other, there are the worlds, skies, heavens and seas that have crossed and passed in all possible forms, whether emotional, spiritual or physical. Yet again and again, the big comes together and spills over into the precious because fragile small as just that colour, that incidence of light, depth or shape in which circles may again become circular. Here, too, inaudibly silent worlds of their own are hidden behind the visible, seemingly mundane of a familiar horizon and sky. This is where sun, sea, earth, land and sky come together.
Those who look and listen attentively hear and see the hushed depths in the light echoes's of black and blue.
Even though the light and murmur of a surf can also flood a person with melancholy in a paradoxical longing for other times when experiencing this peace, space and deep silence, this ultimate freedom was not a matter of course and when every second had to be fought for.
In retrospect, looking at the world(s) through a different window, it was all more than worth it. No doubt the connoisseur has already recognised Pink Floyd's musical score.

This artwork is offered by Ted van den Aarssen

It was the time when the melting water of black snow gradually took on colour. The house overlooking a new horizon stands again on indestructible foundations. The question is what I want on the wall. The images I see pass by like a slide show against and in the foreground and background of a seemingly empty, silent wall. Nothing is what it seems or seems to be.
Then again I am standing by the sea in winter. The sea has never been so quiet. A sky is steel blue in the reflection of ice crystals floating high by, breaking and exploding the light in known and unknown colours.
You are standing on the horizon. At a glance I translate the impression into watercolour, ecoline, pen and ink. Later I will add some white balance and infinite shutter speeds and aperture values. The depth of field may be unlimited this time. Everything is allowed to flow together again. The megapixels will be allowed to carry the message.
My favourite work? It is that window overlooking my winter at sea.
I found another zoning plan among the blueprints. The building can also be used as a store.
The lockdown of my home furnishing shop is over. For me, keeping my distance means being close to the people in the most essential sense of the word. It is my life in and from the Paradox.
Both the unsuspecting and the keen-sighted and hearing passer-by may see their own reflection and a different beckoning perspective in the clear glass of the shop window.

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