Load me Up and Carry me Over.

by Tymn Lintell

- Art code: 1 138 654

Tymn Lintell about Load me Up and Carry me Over.

I live by the sea. Where the curve of the beach carries echoes of the waves like a primeval drum beat. Plus the sun light that cascades into that noise of those waves. Then add in the noise of the wind. A wind that howls. And then the sun bursts through. That bright, sharp, staggeringly colourful Light. Light is what makes paintings Orchestral. Light is what makes Life.
You will find Load me Up and Carry me Over. in the collections Abstract expressionism, Abstract paintings, Anticipation (emotion), Coast, Colour trends, Emotion and Paintings.
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This artworks is offered by Tymn Lintell

“Turning on the light is easy if you know where the switch is.”
Tymn is a mindful Dorset-based creator (artist) finding joy in the ordinary.
After 50+years working as a designer and Creative Director in commercial London media I now derive immense pleasure from creating mixed-media abstract imagery both with acrylics and through my artistic photography.

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Load me Up and Carry me Over. by Tymn Lintell

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Art code: 1 138 654
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