Meisje Met De Parel - The Simply Shaded Edition

by Marja van den Hurk

- Art code: 724 540

Marja van den Hurk about Meisje Met De Parel - The Simply Shaded Edition

The famous painting from c. 1665-1667 by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.

In this version, the girl has been removed from the original background of the painting, digitally polished here and there and placed on a black background, complete with backlight and shadow. In this way she keeps her authentic charm but the overall picture becomes a bit more modern.

Also available in square version (see code 677737)
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This artworks is offered by Marja van den Hurk

The stylists at Art Heroes call my artwork Art with a Wink and I couldn't agree more. Life is serious enough as it is, isn't it? ;-)

I mainly make surrealistic works and collages because that is where I can unleash my creativity and my unbridled imagination! But I also like to make use of the fact that museums all over the world make their paintings of old masters available digitally and then let my own creative juices flow.

Everything you see in my shop is digitally created. With the computer. You will also find a number of photographs made by me (my other big hobby). The disadvantage of photography is that I am dependent on what appears in front of my lens, I cannot photograph things that are not there. With my digital paintings I can go in any direction I want and I like that very much.
Hopefully you will find something you like in my shop. In any case, know that I made everything with a lot of love and pleasure!

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Why you choose Meisje Met De Parel - The Simply Shaded Edition on canvas

  • Already our third artwork from Art Heroes. Even with ordering years apart, the quality remains the best!
  • Fine-art print quality
  • Tack sharp and colorfast prints
  • Mounted on sustainable, PEFC-approved wood

Meisje Met De Parel - The Simply Shaded Edition by Marja van den Hurk

Buy this digital art artwork Meisje Met De Parel - The Simply Shaded Edition as a reproduction on canvas, Art Frame, poster and wallpaper, printed on demand in high quality.

Art code: 724 540
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