Palendorp Petten

by Wouter Degen

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Wouter Degen about Palendorp Petten

The village of Petten has existed since 1300. The village did have a different name at that time, namely Petten bi der Sipe. The village disappeared completely into the sea in 1792. During a storm in 1625 as many as one hundred houses went under. Starting in the 18th century, the village was gradually relocated. On the current beach of Petten there is now a monument (Palendorp) that symbolizes the old village.

I like to come here. It is a somewhat less crowded beach and lends itself well to some photography. There are several compositions to think of and because of the rapidly changing conditions by the sea, it is different every day. Tip for photographers: watch carefully when the tide is low or high and how high the water rises. With low tide it does not pay off.

-- Wouter Degen
You will find Palendorp Petten in the collections Beach, Marine blue, Neutral-density filter, North Sea, Oceans and seas, Paal, Netherlands, Petten, Photography, Wouter Degen and monument.
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This artworks is offered by Wouter Degen

Wouter Degen is a Dutch photographer (1980), born in Nijmegen and living in Arnhem. His style of photography is mainly expressed in taking landscapes, cityscapes and coastlines in which peace, quiet and minimalism come together, this in combination with beautiful colors and contrasts. Recently he has also started making portraits and is working on assignment for Rhodé to capture still lifes for a new website.

He started photography in 2019 and is still developing himself by attending courses and trainings. In 2023, he will start the Fotovakschool. Besides his passion photography, he works as a Program Manager in the Central Government.

Soon his own website will appear:

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Palendorp Petten by Wouter Degen

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Art code: 1 083 472
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