Panorama of a "golden" dandelion

by Marjolijn van den Berg

- Art code: 1 000 002

Marjolijn van den Berg about Panorama of a "golden" dandelion

"Panorama of a "golden" dandelion" is a macro shot of some fluff on a dandelion with water droplets. The soft warm gold color light gives a relaxing look. An atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

By magnifying small things around us, which we hardly see, they can surprise and amaze us!

The depth of field is small (only a few millimeters of some fluff and seeds), creating a dreamy atmosphere which is enhanced by the soft gold - cream - beige - warm colors. It also gives a sense of depth to the work.
The drops also work to create this dreamy atmosphere. They reflect the light and create sparkles between the fluff of the dandelion.
This image has been cropped to panoramic size.

Association: peace, zen, water, drop, nature, abstract, romance, love, fluff, homey, cozy, warmth, brown tones, champagne color, spring, springtime, festive, glitters, gold, gorgeous, warm

Great as a wall decoration for the waiting room, bedroom, hallway or of course just above the couch!
©Marjolijn van den Berg
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This artworks is offered by Marjolijn van den Berg

In 2016 Marjolijn van den Berg graduated for professional photography. She likes to experiment with light and different shapes, colors and materials.

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Panorama of a "golden" dandelion by Marjolijn van den Berg

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Art code: 1 000 002
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