Portrait of a Princess and Her Loyal Parrot


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Add a touch of royal charm to your home with this beautiful portrait of a princess and her loyal parrot.

This exceptionally beautiful artwork by Floris van den Oever, features rich, vibrant colours and beautiful details that bring the princess's long red hair and the parrot's feathers to life.

Perfect for hanging in a living room, bedroom or other space, this piece is sure to become a focal point in any room.
Make a statement with this timeless piece of art that combines fantasy and elegance in perfect harmony.

''Bestseller'' (2023)
You will find Portrait of a Princess and Her Loyal Parrot in the collections Blue, Collage, Digital art, Flowers, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Golden Age, Historical portraits, Melkmeisje, Modern, New masters, Photography, Red and Vermeer.
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For Floris van den Oever, staying with his grandparents was like living in a candy shop. As both fervent art collectors and fervent art lovers, their house was hung full with art that struck the young Floris with wonder. His adult passion for art is thus no coincidence. When he once received a large box with markers, pencils, brushes, paint and different colours of paper, it was love at first sight. Hours were spent creating. Since then, he has never stopped making art.

When asked about his inspiration he replies: “Usually, an idea arises when I put on some music and just start working. I let myself be led by whatever comes into my head. I apply design features such as flowers, butterflies and make-up in post-production and my work therefore largely consists of refining and post-processing images. Because I set the bar so high, I am never completely satisfied.” The starting realism of Floris’ work is typically accompanied by whimsy and dreaminess that lifts his pieces beyond their origins.

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  • We had to put it together ourselves. To be honest, I was not looking forward to that. But it was super easy and the end results looks really tight. We are happy customers!
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Portrait of a Princess and Her Loyal Parrot by OEVER.ART

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Art code: 1 134 245
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