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by Kim Rijntjes

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Kim Rijntjes about Prudence

(Goddess of the future and past), a figurative black and white work of different materials, black wire and acrylic on canvas.
You will find Prudence in the collections Black and white, Collage, Drawings, Expressionism, Female, Figurative art, Godin, Illustrations, Minimalism, Old Master styles, Paintings, Textile and Vtwonen.
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This artworks is offered by Kim Rijntjes

Kim Rijntjes , graduated in Monumental Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht.
Her works are mainly made of textile. She brings with her work a sense of power and vulnerability, without being sentimental. She takes you into a world of emotions in which she experiments with various materials. The themes of love, security and the growth of the child into adulthood are particularly well represented.
The work is accessible and figurative, but at the same time it should create space so that everyone can think their own story. Kim does not like to title or psychologize her work.
"If I would tell my story with each work, it would start to lead a life of its own".
Kim Rijntjes has a studio at home, called atelier MIM.

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Prudence by Kim Rijntjes

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Available exclusively at Art Heroes
Art code: 565 328
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