Railway bridge Nijmegen (color)

by Lex Schulte

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Lex Schulte about Railway bridge Nijmegen (color)

The Railway Bridge over the Waal in Nijmegen. By using a neutral gray filter, I could extend the shutter speed to 60 seconds here. This long shutter speed ensures that the water, which was very high in the Waal, becomes a haze and looks calm. The clouds also move and get a gentle motion blur. The railway bridge in Nijmegen is a railway bridge over the Waal in the Dutch city of Nijmegen. The bridge connects Nijmegen with the Lent district. In addition to the railway bridge, there has been a bicycle bridge since 2004, the Snelbinder. The bridge has the second-to-longest span in the Netherlands; only the Werkspoorbrug and the Zandhazenbrug are longer. The construction of the railway bridge began in 1875 and lasted until 1879. The southern abutment of the bridge with medieval towers was designed by Pierre Cuypers. The railway bridge made possible the train connection between Nijmegen and Arnhem, with which Nijmegen was connected to the national railway network. The half-timbered bridge originally had 3 arch spans. The railway bridge was the first bridge over the Waal in Nijmegen; the Waal Bridge only came in 1936.
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Railway bridge Nijmegen (color) by Lex Schulte

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Art code: 347 195
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