Roll cloud.

by Lex Schulte

- Art code: 392 693

Lex Schulte about Roll cloud.

A roll cloud above the Kraaijenbergseplassen near Beers in North Brabant. A roll cloud, also called arch cloud, (Cumulonimbus arcus) is a low horizontal cylindrical arcus cloud that can be associated with thunderstorms, or sometimes with a cold front. Rolled clouds can also be a sign for a possible microburst. Roll clouds are relatively rare. They differ from shelf clouds because roller clouds are completely separate from the base of the thunderstorm or from other clouds. Usually 'rolling' roll clouds around a horizontal axis. The rolling cloud arises when colder air coming along with the thunderstorm from a certain height comes into contact with much warmer air at the surface of the earth. The cold air then pushes up the warm moist air, causing the moist air to condense and create a cloud. These clouds are usually a sign of severe weather. The Kraaijenbergse Plassen consist of several lakes that lend themselves perfectly to recreation.
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I am a teacher with a hobby who likes to share what he has made.

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Roll cloud. by Lex Schulte

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Art code: 392 693
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