Rotterdam skyline - blue hour

by Wouter Degen

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Wouter Degen about Rotterdam skyline - blue hour

The skyline of Rotterdam is a much photographed subject and it may be obvious why. In the center is the Erasmus Bridge that crosses the - on the face of it - calm Nieuwe Maas. The photo has a blue tone because it was photographed in the so-called "blue hour.

This photo was taken from Katendrecht during a sunset. A long shutter speed of about 2 minutes was used, making the water appear calm and the clouds diffuse. A nice bonus of this technique is that movement of, for example, boats and cars are not detected unless they have lights on.

It is a technique I like to use to create tranquility in the image. I use ND filters (neutral density) from NISI.

This photo is part of a series of photos taken from the same spot with a short time difference during sunset. You can find these in the album 'Rotterdam'.

-- Wouter Degen
You will find Rotterdam skyline - blue hour in the collections Erasmus Bridge, Fine Art (album), Katendrecht, Kop van Zuid, Neutral-density filter, Photography, Rotterdam, Skyline, Sunset and Urban landscapes.
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This artworks is offered by Wouter Degen

Wouter Degen is a Dutch photographer (1980), born in Nijmegen and living in Arnhem. His style of photography is mainly expressed in taking landscapes, cityscapes and coastlines in which peace, quiet and minimalism come together, this in combination with beautiful colors and contrasts. Recently he has also started making portraits and is working on assignment for Rhodé to capture still lifes for a new website.

He started photography in 2019 and is still developing himself by attending courses and trainings. In 2023, he will start the Fotovakschool. Besides his passion photography, he works as a Program Manager in the Central Government.

Soon his own website will appear:

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Rotterdam skyline - blue hour by Wouter Degen

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Art code: 1 083 450
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