Still life artichoke

by Monique van Velzen

- Art code: 382 005

Monique van Velzen about Still life artichoke

Artichoke might look intimidating.
You'll find that these leafy, mild-flavored veggies are downright delicious.
Just made with little more than olive oil, wine, garlic, and herbs and the result: a gently cooked, supremely tender artichoke hearts in a fragrant bath of their own cooking juices.
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Time stands still.......A winter's day in pastel shades, a foggy spring's morning, summer's rest in August, the autumn: transience in colour, smell and light! From an early age, I have been fascinated by the seasons. In 2006 I got more time and by attending courses at FRB Photography I gradually became completely fascinated by photography and I have continued to develop myself. The fact that I live in a beautiful rural area of Friesland has certainly contributed to a preference for photographing landscapes, capturing the special moments. Time does not stand still, the light, the sky and the atmosphere are constantly changing! A few years ago I also started photographing still lifes, the time-honoured craft of composing with light and form. Life literally stands still for a moment. An idea arises, the execution and the fine tuning, is mainly about the art of omission.

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Still life artichoke by Monique van Velzen

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Art code: 382 005
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