The beauty of nature!

by Koen Hoekemeijer

- Art code: 193 298

Koen Hoekemeijer about The beauty of nature!

A humpback jumps out of the water with a lot of pomp and force and then comes down with a huge bang. This picture was taken in the Icelandic summer during a lovely summer evening. As far as I'm concerned it doesn't get much nicer! Nature is so beautiful!
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Lived in Amsterdam, but decided in 2018 to pursue his dreams. Currently lives and works in Tonga where he works for a whale snorkeling operator. Favorite are mainly wildlife photography with a great passion for whales and tigers, as well as photographing people and "life". Can wait hours for that one shot, and then wait another day for a better shot. Has a very long and extensive to-do list of places to visit ;-)! Thank you very much for your interest and who knows, maybe a work of mine will soon be hanging on your wall.

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  • We had to put it together ourselves. To be honest, I was not looking forward to that. But it was super easy and the end results looks really tight. We are happy customers!
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The beauty of nature! by Koen Hoekemeijer

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Art code: 193 298
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