Typographic World Map | Dutch

by WereldkaartenShop

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WereldkaartenShop about Typographic World Map | Dutch

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"Dutch World Map in Typography" is a modern and educational world map that consists entirely of Dutch country names.
This map is also available in English.

Looking at contemporary home and business interiors, a contemporary and modern font has been chosen for this unique world map.
From a distance, this world map already looks very artistic. But once up close, you'll see that all country names are playfully positioned in the world map. The country names are of course in the right place.

For the best result, I advise you to have this world map printed on a size of 160x90cm (16:9 aspect ratio).
I do not recommend a size smaller than 120cm wide, because then the smaller country names will become unreadable.

Recommended materials for this world map are: Xpozer, Aluminum, Steel, Poster, Acrylic Glass, Perspex and Wallpaper.
Why specifically these materials?
Because these materials have a smooth surface and therefore all country names can be printed sharply (and thus clearly legible).
In principle, I do not recommend a print on Canvas, as canvas has a structure and relief that makes the smaller country names less legible.
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This artworks is offered by WereldkaartenShop

Artistic and modern world maps from our own design studio in Zoetermeer.
Ricardo Bouman 'the creative brain behind Wereldkaarten.Shop' is a graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for travel, graphic design, painting and cartography.
In his design studio he makes cartographic art with a.o. paints and inks and illustrates digital maps 'such as line drawings and typographic designs' in modern and artistic styles.
He shares new works and work processes on his Instagram page via: @wereldkaarten.shop or via https://www.instagram.com/wereldkaarten.shop/

Due to his interest in travel, painting and topography, Ricardo started drawing Artistic Cartography in 2016, which grew into several collections consisting of World, Country and City maps. In addition to painting, Ricardo also creates collages, such as his unusual 'World Map of Coffee Beans': https://bit.ly/2mQIraK This unusual world map consists of hundreds of coffee beans glued one by one onto a large acrylic sheet.

His original artworks are photographed in high resolution. Orders of large (wall filling) Artprints are therefore also possible. Curious to see an interior photo of a wall filling world map as seamless wallpaper? Read here the interview with Ricardo Bouman with some example images on the Beeldmakers Blog via: https://bit.ly/2mp8nqY

Wereldkaarten.Shop is an activity of Ricardo Bouman from Zoetermeer.

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Why you choose Typographic World Map | Dutch on canvas

  • Already our third artwork from Art Heroes. Even with ordering years apart, the quality remains the best!
  • Fine-art print quality
  • Tack sharp and colorfast prints
  • Mounted on sustainable, PEFC-approved wood

Typographic World Map | Dutch by WereldkaartenShop

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Art code: 232 745
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