Volkswagen Beetle

by Eus Driessen

- Art code: 277 901

Eus Driessen about Volkswagen Beetle

One of the most iconic cars, the VW Beetle. The Volkswagen Beetle, built from 1938 to 2003, is the best-known Volkswagen, the most famous German car, and in general one of the most famous cars ever. Until 1967 he was named Type 1, 1200, 1300 (after the engine capacity in cc), but in the vernacular he was called, because of the shape, beetle, after which the manufacturer would use that name himself. Probably the New York Times was the first to call the Volkswagen a beetle (English: Beetle). Of the Volkswagen Beetle, more than 20 million cars were produced from 1937 to 2003, making it the longest and most produced car on the same platform.
You will find Volkswagen Beetle in the collections Black and white, Cars, Classic, Ferdinand Porsche, Flat engine, Karmann, Liquid, Logo, Photography, Transport, Volkswagen and Volkswagen Beetle.
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This artworks is offered by Eus Driessen

Passion for photography in all forms. From abandoned buildings to landscapes, from night photography to concert photography. By photographing abandoned buildings people want to take them to the hidden world behind walls where nature slowly takes back the building. And now these pictures can also hang on your wall.

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Volkswagen Beetle by Eus Driessen

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Art code: 277 901
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