Abandoned Places - Urbex on canvas, poster, wallpaper and ArtFrame by OK

Photos of abandoned places and locations that are not publicly accessible. The term urban exploring or Urbex comes from English and literally means exploring the urban, but it could just as easily take place in the countryside.

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  1. Abandoned places: steel factory

    131,- ArtFrame, 80x45 cm Choose your own size

  2. Abandoned sites: Spanish factory gate.

    132,- ArtFrame, 50x75 cm Choose your own size

  3. Abandoned places: textile mill 2

    152,- ArtFrame, 80x50 cm Choose your own size

  4. Abandoned places: hospital with a view.

    132,- ArtFrame, 75x50 cm Choose your own size

  5. Verlaten plekken: de piano.

    164,- ArtFrame, 80x60 cm Choose your own size

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