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Materials of the highest quality

At Art Heroes you don’t only have control over the choice and size of print but also over the material on which the print is produced. This gives you a truly unique work and also ensures that it fits perfectly in your home. Which material will you choose?

Discover ArtFrame™

Your favourite artwork is printed on a stretchable textile and pressed into a sleek aluminium frame.

The print has a rubber string around its edge which fits invisibly into the frame guaranteeing a perfect fit.

Fancy a change of view? The textile prints can be simply changed and changed back.

Overview of all materials


Choose from 2 or 4.5 cm thickness


Wall-filling nonwoven wallpaper

Photo prints

Posters to frame yourself

Our bestsellers: Canvas vs. Art frame

The most important differences at a glance:

  • ArtFrames are supplied with a narrow aluminium frame. The print itself comes separately on a stretchable textile which can be simply pressed into this frame. Additional prints can be ordered and fitted within the same frame, allowing you to easily change the atmosphere in your home.
  • Canvas is stretched over a durable and sustainably sourced wooden frame. Unlike ArtFrame, therefore, it is not possible to change the print without changing the entire frame. ArtFrames can also be supplied with a sound-absorbing panel that can help improve the acoustics in an echoey home or office. These panels are placed behind the textile print in the frame, so that sound is absorbed rather than reflected. Adding sound-absorbing panels to canvas is not possible.
  • Do you want to make an impression with a large work? ArtFrames are available up to a size of 15 by 3 metres. The maximum size of canvas, however, is 250 by 140 cm.

Made with passion by craftsmen

All our works are made by hand. Whatever material you choose, it will have been produced with care to exacting quality standards. We also strive to produce all our products in as responsible and sustainable a manner as possible.