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Are you looking for something chic and luxurious? Then choose a photo or painting on our acrylic glass. Museum quality prints with a real sense of depth.

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About the product

The artworks are printed on high-quality photo paper and placed behind acrylic glass (Plexiglas). This gives a sense of depth and enhances both the colouring and the details. The art is reinforced with an aluminium panel on the back, to ensure a sturdy final product. A photo or painting on plexiglass gives an air of class and light to your interior.

Why people choose for acrylic glass

Razor-sharp prints

Every detail remains razor-sharp with lifelike colours

Modern floating effect

Including blind suspension system

Top layer of acrylic glass

Lending depth and a reflective effect

Would you like to print your personal photo? We can also print your photo on our high quality materials. Upload your photo here and select the size and material you have in mind.

Frequently asked questions about acrylic glass

The price is determined by the art you choose, and the size. When you browse through the collection, and have chosen a work, you can choose the material acrylic glass, and the size that suits you. You will then immediately see the price.

An artwork behind acrylic glass falls into a higher price category.

Acrylic glass is one of the heavier materials. A 100x150cm acrylic glass artwork weighs about 15 kg.

The photo print is glued to an aluminium (dibond) panel 3 mm thick. The acrylic glass itself has a thickness of 4 millimetres.

Yes, plexiglass is another name for acrylic glass.

No, this is not how we produce the acrylic glass. The acrylic glass is composed of 3 parts:

  1. Aluminium dibond panel, as a sturdy underlay.
  2. Fine-art quality photo print, which is glued to the aluminium panel
  3. Acrylic glass, It is then finished with an acrylic glass layer

This construction not only provides sturdiness, but it ensures a much higher print quality than a print directly on glass.

We use extruded Plexiglas. This means that the sheet has exactly the same thickness everywhere. The plexiglass we use is colourless and clear and is indeed UV-resistant.

Yes indeed. Acrylic glass mirrors and that is the material's charm and strength at the same time. It provides extra light in a dark corner, for example.

This mirror effect also creates reflection in the image. This does make the material less suitable for rooms with many windows.

When there is a lot of sunlight and reflection, we recommend the material aluminium dibond or the tough, sturdy HD Metal with a matt finish.

No. We glue the acrylic gas to a sturdy aluminium dibond panel. The metal strips on the back also ensure that it does not warp.

We recommend cleaning it with a dry cloth, preferably a micro fibre cloth. So it is best to touch it as little as possible with chemical goodies, so as not to compromise the quality and impact resistance of the acrylic.

It is possible to have a photo printed through us. However, it is important that this photo is taken with a good camera in high resolution and that you are the rightful owner of the photo. Here you can upload your own photo on acrylic glass.

The minimum size is 20x20 cm and the maximum size is 250x150 cm. Want a different or larger size? Please contact us.

The sizes you choose with the work fit the work exactly. So there is no cutting of the work, or deformation of the work.

A different ratio or size is certainly possible. Contact us, and we will be happy to help.

The acrylic glass hangs about one centimetre from the wall. We do not place the hanging system at the back across the entire width/height so you do not see this system. This creates a nice floating effect.

The acrylic glass is delivered with a metal fitting on the back. This system is easily hung on 2 screws.Due to the profile of the fitting, the art appears to be floating just in front of the wall.Would you rather not drill a hole in your wall? Then take a look at the hanging systems from STAS. After installing the hanging system, you will never have to drill holes in your walls to hang wall decoration again. Are you ready for something new? Then simply change without drilling.

Acrylic glass is packaged securely. A courier picks up the parcel from our premises and delivers it directly to your home or office. We work with couriers who are used to handling fragile packages, so that's fine.

Not at home? Then the delivery driver will leave a note and an appointment can be made to schedule a new delivery.

Of course, something can always happen during shipping. If your parcel does get damaged during transport, please contact us and we will resolve it quickly and correctly.

In general, you will receive the package between 5 and 8 working days. Are you in a hurry? Get in touch with us!

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