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View of the Norwegian coast from aboard LOFOTEN.
(Photo: Ulrich Speckenbach)
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Bowspirit Kids - Turning kids' tears into tears of joy

The activities of the Bowspirit Kids focus on the creation of a maritime holiday and recreation camp that will give sick and traumatised children and their siblings - often called the "shadow children" - the opportunity to have fun and take a recreation from the illness. To this aim, we want to take advantage of the mobility of a passenger ferry to be able to operate outside of the base location in order to present the Bowspirit Kids Group and its work worldwide and to initiate further projects based on the guiding theme of a "recreation from illness".

Water is our element. - What could be more obvious than to use the sea as a healing power.
Accordingly, our maritime picture shop "Bowpirit Maregraphy"; is one of many ways to support us in realising our vision.


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A view

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Art code: 1 035 669
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