African woman with Hairband (Headwrap) in Jungle

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Karen Nijst about African woman with Hairband (Headwrap) in Jungle

Colorful exotic work. I changed the background several times before I thought it fit the beautiful African woman in the foreground. Whether an African lady ever wore her hair band like that, I doubt. But I thought it looked very decorative that way.
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This artworks is offered by Karen Nijst

Karen Nijst has lived in and near her beloved hometown of Maastricht for many years. She currently works as a web developer (Kahlo Websites in Hapert, Brabant) and is responsible for both programming and graphic design . The latter has undoubtedly influenced some of the drawings you can see here.
Karen likes to draw and write as often as possible and sees herself primarily as an illustrator. She can also become fascinated by a photograph. Like the drawing of the market in Maastricht. What are those people thinking? Where are they going? What would their lives be like? Something like that remains fascinating while drawing each little figure -no matter how small- .
Of course also the vastelaovend in Mestreech is subject of many a drawing. A grateful subject even, because only in Maastricht you can find the shoenste scenes. Beautifully dressed up people, wonderful colors ... imaginative and above all: 'chic'.
In recent years, Karen has enjoyed working on paper and, increasingly, on her IPAD Pro.
Karen: "I enjoy the challenge of looking for the best color palette, the right composition and cut-outs. I also often combine different scenes. In addition, it is not my primary goal to portray people in a recognizable manner, unless of course it is a portrait. I just want to capture a certain atmosphere as well as possible!"

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African woman with Hairband (Headwrap) in Jungle

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Art code: 1 070 226
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