Against The Evil Eye

- Art code: 787 893

Mohamed Hamida about Against The Evil Eye

M023 / 1999]
Talks with and about people who believe in the evil eye
original painting:: 23 x 31 cm
pen and ink on paper
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This artworks is offered by Mohamed Hamida

With a Hamida painting there is no commercial art but a real, worldwide unique piece of art hanging on your wall. The artist makes a point of not serving commercial aspects and consistently follows his own unique style. His surreal, abstract creations come from deep within his soul and often reflect situations in his life. He is a natural artist who consciously follows no art school or dimensional doctrine. With pen and ink flows to paper what moves him in the moment when the work is created. The sensitive viewer sinks his own inner self deep into the image, connecting point by point with the artist and his narrative.

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Against The Evil Eye

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Art code: 787 893
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