Amersfoort 6

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John Ouwens about Amersfoort 6

Amersfoort is situated on a flat site in the valley of the Eem River on the edge and east of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. The city has a medieval core with moats and ramparts.
The canals were preserved, but the ramparts were partly demolished in the 19th century and replaced by a park, canals and ring roads.
Koppelpoort is a city gate in Amersfoort. The gate is located on the northwest side of the city centre, where the canal system - fed by Heiligenbergerbeek from the southern watergate Monnikendam - leaves the city centre and merges with Flierbeeksingel - the eastern remnant of outer canal belt.
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This artworks is offered by John Ouwens

Hi, I am John Ouwens. In the late sixties I was born in Rotterdam and after some wanderings I ended up in Kinderdijk, a lovely village in the Alblasserwaard, famous for its windmills and vast polder landscape. About 30 years ago I bought my first SLR camera, the period of regularly going to the development center with my knees buckling to see what results I had shot (and then being proud of the result). About 7.5 years later I got rid of the camera for various reasons, but it always kept itching...Around 2000 I bought another camera, a digital one, not too expensive, to see if it would still be so much fun. And indeed I am still very enthusiastic and eager to learn. By reading a lot about it, following workshops, but especially by doing it a lot, I am a real autodidact, as they call it. An amateur photographer, who is not easily satisfied with his own work and is always critical.

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Amersfoort 6

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Art code: 315 118
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