Bahai lotus temple, New Delhi.

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Theo Molenaar about Bahai lotus temple, New Delhi.

The famous lotus temple in New Delhi is the most famous of the Bahai sect. A unique piece of architecture.
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I was interested in photography even before I travelled. But it is during my travels that this interest developed further. My first distant journey was to Indonesia. This was followed by Mexico, Turkey, Thailand and Malaysia. With a one-way ticket to Bombay and a vague plan I left and more than six months later I returned by train from Beijing. The feeling of having an ocean of time surrounded by an atmosphere of freedom. And the memories that after a year had linger almost to the day, while those of the months before were nothing more than a summary of repeating facts. The amazement you experience asks to be captured. In images and stories. Travel photography encompasses many aspects of photography: landscape, portrait, reportage, street images and serial work. And it leads to experience with very diverse circumstances, both in terms of light and environment and interaction with people, which last but not least is often handicapped by the lack of a common language.traveling is experiencing. Photography is watching, and looking out and experiencing follow stories almost automatically.

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Why you choose Bahai lotus temple, New Delhi. on canvas

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Bahai lotus temple, New Delhi.

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Art code: 783 917
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