Church Chaugey (FR) in the fire of sunset

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Susan Hol about Church Chaugey (FR) in the fire of sunset

Behind the church in our small village of Chaugey (FR), the sun is setting. At least, if you stand in the square next to the church. In the West the sun goes Away. Often that sun sets quite spectacularly, with an awful lot of colors and bright light. It is not difficult then to think of all kinds of spiritual things. Our house is over 900 years old. The church will be at least as old. Somehow you feel that history. I'm not churchy at all and certainly don't believe in a god, but I do believe in people and coming together. When you walk into our church, you feel that it is a place of reflection. You automatically become quiet.
What I experience in our little church is impossible to capture in a photograph. By using special techniques to edit my photo, it still comes a little closer to the feeling. With my editing I try to express the mysterious, mystical, intangible and also particularly beautiful.
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Since about 1974, I have been involved almost daily in photography, drawing (charcoal, graphite, conté, chalk, ink), painting, watercolour and/or collage making. In all these branches of visual work, I have tried a lot, found my own way, but also often had lessons from various professionals. In everything I make, I pay particular attention to form and colour, composition, shadow and light. Sometimes this makes the image very minimalistic, other times it is enormously rich. They are almost always small settings that tell a story. My approach in my work is: back to basics, the place of peace and quiet from which things grow and appear in daylight. I have been exhibiting occasionally since 1990. Would you like to know more about me? Then click on one of the green buttons below.

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Church Chaugey (FR) in the fire of sunset

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Art code: 1 062 595
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