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Atelier Kunst en Ko about FREEDOM

This artwork is part of our series of photographic collage works - Creatures. Creatures created by a composition of fragments, trysts and coincidences. The misfits that did not fit within the series we were working with at the time. The darlings we didn't want to kill.
This flying figure came out of a session for our Red Venus series of artworks that showed that a light bulb can do so much more than just shine its light on something. For example, it possesses both human and animal characteristics. The message here is - Love is above all.
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"Atelier Kunst & Ko is the collaboration of Leiden based artists Peter and Sven de Ru. The graphic style of son Sven complements the artistic background of father Peter. The cooperation is inspiring and leads to new insights in our art. The different approaches lead to artworks with an added value. What that added value is we leave up to you. Just like the choice of which work of art to make your house a home.

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Why you choose FREEDOM on canvas

  • Already our third artwork from Art Heroes. Even with ordering years apart, the quality remains the best!
  • Fine-art print quality
  • Tack sharp and colorfast prints
  • Mounted on sustainable, PEFC-approved wood


Buy this illustration FREEDOM on canvas, Art Frame, poster and wallpaper, printed on demand in high quality.

Art code: 987 809
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