Field road along the golden grain, Schimmert

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Nop Briex about Field road along the golden grain, Schimmert

Limburg field road along the golden ripe grain between Beek and Schimmert. Quality reproductions here at Werk aan de Muur. Original painting is for sale:
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This artworks is offered by Nop Briex

Contemporary images and even those from the past inspire me to recycle them for re-actionary contemporary impressionist art. My drawings and paintings are sketch impressions in a loose and free style, the paintings in a colorful palette. I also produce collages and digital artworks or find new inspirations and compositions through paint strokes from existing works. I work fast, from emotion, averse to perfection, careful not to lapse into details and endless fiddling.

Compositions in an almost unfinished state, works that are part of the contemporary impressionist incentive. Evolving towards a more questioning abstract essential contemporary expressive impressionism.

With the internet we are overloaded with thousands of images a day, wonderful. But does original art on the wall still have a future? Yes, you can touch them, feel them, smell them. Paintings and drawings that move and stimulate you, that give you attention and immerse you every day in a bath of total relaxation and pleasure. People say that I am one of the most appreciated and renowned post-war art painters from South Limburg. I sell my original works all over the world. I very much appreciate the cooperation with Werk aan de Muur / Oh my Prints because my originals are now also available for everyone through excellent, high quality re-productions.

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Why you choose Field road along the golden grain, Schimmert on canvas

  • Already our third artwork from Art Heroes. Even with ordering years apart, the quality remains the best!
  • Fine-art print quality
  • Tack sharp and colorfast prints
  • Mounted on sustainable, PEFC-approved wood

Field road along the golden grain, Schimmert

Buy this painting Field road along the golden grain, Schimmert as a reproduction on canvas, Art Frame, poster and wallpaper, printed on demand in high quality.

Art code: 497 268
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