Floral Frenzy - abstract flower painting

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Qeimoy about Floral Frenzy - abstract flower painting

'Floral Frenzy' is a burst of spring feeling. The jitters that arise towards the end of winter, when the sun gains a little strength, explode here. Like the very first day of spring that has finally arrived and people go outside again. Everything comes back to life and a new season full of hope begins.
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Qeimoy is the shop of Conny Franssen. Self-taught in photography, drawing, painting, and a variety of other creative passions. Crazy about abstract and playing with color palettes. With abstract photography, she detaches elements from the everyday surrounding world to form them into a new image for the viewer to fantasize about. Qeimoy's works affect your energy and emotions. With color. With shapes. With atmosphere. With cheerfulness, tranquility, dynamism, strength. With images straight from the heart.

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Floral Frenzy - abstract flower painting

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Art code: 1 133 258
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