Fog around sunrise on the Westerheide 2

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Jeroen de Jongh about Fog around sunrise on the Westerheide 2

Heather is a term for vegetation consisting mainly of dwarf shrubs of the heather family. Heather occurs in a limited number of countries. Besides the Netherlands and Belgium also in the coastal areas of Western Europe, Great Britain and Ireland. It is a typical vegetation that feels at home in regions with a sea climate, with a high humidity and not too hot summers and not too cold winters.

The Westerheide is a heathland of 344 ha on the territory of Hilversum and Laren. The area borders the Bussumerheide, the A1 motorway, the built-up area of Hilversum and the Amsterdam-Amersfoort railway line. The heath forms an entity with the Bussummerheide. On the border between both areas runs a dead straight unpaved road of about 3 km long, the New Crailoseweg also called Gebed zonder end.

Fog is a weather phenomenon in which small water droplets float in the air like an aerosol, restricting visibility. Fog can form when very moist air cools to below its dew point, or when cold air mixes with warm, moist air. The formation of fog depends on many factors, such as air pollution, vegetation, relief and the proximity of open water.

Fog can form as a result of cooling around sunset, or often not until sunrise, and forms first over a meadow, probably near a ditch where the air is moist. Fog banks drifting up the road dissolve there initially by air movement and heat from traffic. The fog-free 'tunnel' may last for a while on some stretches of road, but fog banks linger in other pla
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This artworks is offered by Jeroen de Jongh

Welcome to my shop. I, an Amsterdam born and raised guy with an international mindset (hence the introduction in English), had the choice between offering you a nice catchphrase, or nice photos. I chose the latter.So enjoy, and I hope you will find something from my humble shop that you would love to have on one of your walls.

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Fog around sunrise on the Westerheide 2

Buy the photo Fog around sunrise on the Westerheide 2 on canvas, Art Frame, poster and wallpaper, printed on demand in high quality.

Art code: 855 187
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