Headlight from a pink retro hippie bus

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Diana van Neck Photography about Headlight from a pink retro hippie bus

Ibiza // Travel photography

You see here a macro shot of a vintage headlight and orange reflector of a pink hippie volkswagen van. It is a close-up of a rusty retro car part on the front of a pink hippie / surf van. This pink hippie / surf volkswagen van was photographed on the Spanish island of Ibiza.

This beautiful macro photo of this pink volkswagen van was photographed in soft pastel colors. Making it a romantic bohemian image. Typical boho Ibiza. A beautiful pastel color photo of Ibiza that I'm sure will fit beautifully in your home. Check out my collection for more photography.

Travel photography is one of my greatest passions, you just feel the energy and atmosphere of your surroundings and try to capture this again in a photograph.
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Fine Art Street Photographer - Seeing the details - Find the beauty in roughness

As a young girl I was already interested in photography, I made whole holiday reports. Of course, after all these years I still have the same passion. After an education at the photo school I started to discover more where my passion lies in photography. This one is raw black and white photography.

On my travels I am always looking for special places in the streets. Especially the details and nooks and crannies that other people walk past. My motto is also "Seeing the details - Find the beauty in roughness".

But I also keep developing and I notice that black and white photography is not standard my first choice. You will see this in my shop.

Have fun in my shop.

Love Diana

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Headlight from a pink retro hippie bus

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Art code: 1 078 677
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