In the heat of the moment, Tarragona, Spain

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During a stop by the sea in Tarragona on our trip to Comares, Spain, there appeared to be a Jetski competition going on. From a high terrace on the quay, I was able to take a beautiful series of photos. The speed, the splashing water, the brightly colored buoys, everything was equally fun to capture on film. Unfortunately, I have no idea which club or participants these were. Did a Google search, but didn't find it. But this beginning of my vacation was already a nice hit!
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"A world more than meets the eye."
Nice of you to visit my shop! hope my visual work inspires you to choose a beautiful wall decoration. I am Gerda Hulsebos, self-taught visual artist and I live in Veendam, the Netherlands. Passion for art and photography runs like a thread through my life. Through my work as an image maker in this shop I hope to share my passion with others by making my photographic work available for affordable prices. I like to photograph a wide variety of subjects, ranging from Macro to Landscapes, Portraits and Reportages have my interest.
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In the heat of the moment, Tarragona, Spain

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Art code: 1 066 058
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