Inner Circle

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Ellen Borggreve about Inner Circle

This is sort of moss heaven for me...This is how this photo was created...It is never a good idea to get a new camera a few days before you go on a photography trip, it is an even worse idea to go on a trip with an entirely new camera system, but this is what I did. I don't recommend it, but it was a good thing that I had this camera, because it rained endlessly and this camera kept going, even though I kept fiddling with the wrong buttons. This is one of the first photographs I made of a group of trees that is no longer there. I loved the way the trees in the front somehow framed the smaller ones in the background. The fog that you see if actually a raincloud. In a mountain forest fog often means standing in a very wet rain cloud and still being totally happy about the atmosphere it creates. In this case the greens became very vibrant due to the rain and this makes this a really saturated image.
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Ellen Borggreve is a landscape photographer and author of Woodscapes and Praxisbuch Wälder fotografieren, among others. She was born and raised in the woods of the Veluwe where her love for trees originated. Besides forests she also likes to photograph Dutch coastal scenes.

The focus is on tranquil scenes that seem to lie outside everyday reality, without people in the picture, with subjects that are about to disappear often being the subject. The fleeting patterns in the sand, but especially old forest giants that are disappearing at breakneck speed due to climate change.

Ellen is an awarded photographer at 1x and was named one of the world's best landscape photographers by Photoblog in 2019. Her work has been published in books, Nature Photography Magazine, Focus, Landscape Photography Magazine, On Landscape and many other publications. She shares her knowledge gained during her long career as a soft sculpture artist and designer combined with over 40 years of experience in photography in the many articles she writes for Landscape Photography Magazine and also her own blog. She also enjoys teaching where she puts the individual vision of photographers first.

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Inner Circle

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Art code: 1 029 880
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