Maman | Guggenheim | Bilbao

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Rob de Voogd / zzapback about Maman | Guggenheim | Bilbao

It rained heavily this evening, when I took this photo of Louise Bourgeois' sculpture 'Maman' (1999), right next to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Exactly during the blue hour, when all the lights just popped on and heavy clouds - a perfect moment - actually 15 seconds - captured. This spider is more than 9 meters tall. Usually there are countless tourists between her 8 legs, but not this evening where just about everyone, except me, got washed away from the streets. Enjoy!
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Rob de Voogd: a passionate freelance photographer based in Rotterdam, Holland.Always on the hunt for (urban) landscapes and architecture, capturing it in a dynamic, dramatic, ultra wide angled manner.

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Maman | Guggenheim | Bilbao

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Art code: 343 375
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