Man and nature

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Heiko Westphalen about Man and nature

Photography or painting?
Photo art of a special kind.

Disturbances and coarse grain are expressly desired in my pictures and part of my artistic interpretation - do not we all long for a little imperfection?

The image contains, in an elaborate layer work created textures that give this wall decoration its special charm. Please go to the enlargement for examination!
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This artworks is offered by Heiko Westphalen

Photography & Photo Art

Heiko Westphalen's enthusiasm for photography and his involvement with the medium of photography began 45 years ago. The photographed motives were developed at that time still in the own darkroom and exposed on photo paper, in order to present them later in the one or other exhibition.

For many years of his professional life, Heiko Westphalen, who was born and raised in Schleswig-Holstein, worked in the graphic arts industry, where dealing with photographic material was part of his daily work.

Before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Heiko Westphalen lived in Berlin/West for 10 years. During this politically very turbulent time, his travels took him to India and South America, among other places, where his photographic focus was on people and landscapes off the beaten tourist track.

For the last 9 years Heiko Westphalen has been working intensively with digital photography, sometimes his pictures look like paintings. He achieves this by adding textures to the photographs in a complex process, most of which he creates himself.
Various exhibitions, including in Hamburg, Berlin and in northern Germany (see homepage).

If you are interested in more information, please visit my website:
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Man and nature

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Art code: 1 049 090
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