Ocean pollution

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Sandra Perquin about Ocean pollution

When we get tired of our garbage we throw it away. Not everything ends up where it should and much of our garbage ends up in the sea. These little h0 divers are trying to rid these animals of our dirt. End plastic soup!
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This artworks is offered by Sandra Perquin

I'm Sandra and I've been photographing for quite some years now. For my work I travel all over the world and whenever possible I take my camera with me. Besides travel and street photography, the last couple of years I've delved more into miniature photography (as I call it myself). With H0 dolls of the model trains I create different scenes. I have quite a few of these little figures by now. One of them always goes with me on my travels and looks like a little stewardess. Please visit my Instagram account for my travel pictures or my other account for my miniature pictures. If you have a specific wish don't hesitate to contact me.

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Ocean pollution

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Art code: 954 302
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