Panorama Galderse Heide Breda

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In the middle of the Purple Heath.
Totally in the style of the Breda City Song, this picture on the wall makes you imagine yourself in the middle of that heath. A panoramic view.
A photo I took in the early morning, so the sun is still beautifully low on the horizon and its rays pierce through the tree in the distance.

The Galderse Heide on the south side of the Mastbos is a small heathland area, not yet visited by many people. In an early morning you can just wander around here for a few hours on your own and enjoy it.

This photo is not a crop of a single photo, but is composed of several overlapping photos. This allowed me to create a high-quality panorama with it in post-processing, which can impress even as wall-filling wallpaper in the smallest detail.
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What started out as travel photography in the 1990s grew into a hobby that got out of hand. Photography became a daily activity. Colour negative became slide, complemented by a fascination for black and white photography. I converted the Kodak T-Max, Tri-X and Ilford negation films in my darkroom into powerful black and white slides. At the beginning of 2000 I left the darkroom behind to further immerse myself in the possibilities of digital photography. Meanwhile I am daily busy with the pleasure of creating images and things related to it in Breda and distant surroundings. My photographic works adorn many a website, brochure and wall. Every time again I can enjoy them with pride!

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Panorama Galderse Heide Breda

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Art code: 1 047 660
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