Parrot Spirals

- Art code: 660 961

Tis Veugen about Parrot Spirals

This spiral image shows a landscape of complex poles textured with tessellated parrots.
It is created with points (poles) of slightly narrower radiuses and each 74.7 degrees further. Since 5 * 74.7 is close to 360 degrees, you see 5 spirals connecting the points that are 5 steps further.
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This artworks is offered by Tis Veugen

My training as a mathematician and my experience as a software programmer are the basic elements for designing my works of art. Since my retirement in 2019 I have started creating digital art with a mathematical slant. The works of M.C. Escher are a source of inspiration. Thanks to programs I developed myself on the computer, I am able to add extra dimensions to Escher's works in the form of structures with photographic material.

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Parrot Spirals

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Art code: 660 961
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