Protect The Children

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Dorothy Berry-Lound about Protect The Children

This is an acrylic painting with a digital finish depicting a golden angel protecting a group of children with it's body and wings.

The angel is holding three children in its arms and others are clinging onto the golden robes and trying to climb onto the angel for safety. In front of the angel, groups of children have their arms raised asking for help. The angel has its wings spread to protect the children from the bombardment approaching from behind.

It took me quite a while to paint this picture after I was triggered by the plight of children in places like Afghanistan, Yemen and more. I felt so helpless seeing what was happening, my only outlet was to paint a plea, a wish to project the children.

The picture is a combination of techniques, parts of the wings incorporate an acrylic pour technique for example. Feathers were created with a toothbrush.
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This artworks is offered by Dorothy Berry-Lound

Born in the South of England I now live half way up a mountain in Umbria, Italy. I work from my art studio looking out over fabulous views of the Italian countryside. An artist and blogger, I specialize in photo art and acrylic painting. I create art to make your heart smile, capturing the spirit of place in towns and villages, or creating art to enhance the energy of your home or workplace.

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Protect The Children

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Art code: 1 054 919
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