Skyline Jersey City New York

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Dirk Verwoerd about Skyline Jersey City New York

Still a little bit in the fog this morning photo, taken from the ferry from downtown Manhattan to Midtown West 39th Street. This is New York at its best!
From the water you get a wonderful impression of how the city is put together.
This photo was taken in early November, the time when the New York Marathon is always run as well.
This year the weather was exceptionally nice, lots of sunshine and blue skies, so I was able to photograph wonderfully and can therefore offer you a nice collection of choices with different types of light and with viewpoints that show off West Manhattan as well as Downtown and East Manhattan.
I have also taken a number of photographs in black and white.
Of course, I am curious to see what your favorite will be.
Good luck with your choice!
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This artworks is offered by Dirk Verwoerd

Has been working as an independent professional photographer since 1982. In the early days under the name Verwoerd Fotografie. Later, when he also became involved in video, web design and multimedia ( and also got staff ) under the name Lighthouse Productions. Initially he worked as an advertising photographer for various advertising agencies and large retailers, but soon he was able to combine his studio photography with photography for KLM. To this end, he flew all over the world and became inspired by the diverse cultures. His photography for KLM did not go unnoticed. For many years he was on the road for the travel organization HT Wandelreizen, which took him to the farthest corners of the world. In recent years he has focused mainly on architectural photography and each year he spends a month photographing in Asia.

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Skyline Jersey City New York

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Art code: 1 076 546
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