The Mystics

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Ellen Borggreve about The Mystics

Sihouettes of beech trees being backlit by rising steam from the forest floor. This was actually photographed whilst teaching a workshop after the lunchbreak. The light was harsh and you would never expect something like this to happen, yet when the warmth of the sun reached the forest floor and the bottom halves of these tree trunk steam started to rise up and I spotted the potential of this scene immediately. It not longer exists as it is of course built up from fallen trees. It was a transient scene in every meaning of the word. The conditions and the scene with its diagonals came together at this exact moment to create something truly magical and quite spectacular. You can image the delight of my workshop client, because we just never expected this to happen in the middle of the day with bright sunshine. Sometimes magic comes to those who are persistent. This has proven to be my most popular photograph amongst editors, publishers and award judges. It has also been on the cover of On Landscape Magazine
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This artworks is offered by Ellen Borggreve

Ellen Borggreve is a landscape photographer and author of Woodscapes and Praxisbuch Wälder fotografieren, among others. She was born and raised in the woods of the Veluwe where her love for trees originated. Besides forests she also likes to photograph Dutch coastal scenes.

The focus is on tranquil scenes that seem to lie outside everyday reality, without people in the picture, with subjects that are about to disappear often being the subject. The fleeting patterns in the sand, but especially old forest giants that are disappearing at breakneck speed due to climate change.

Ellen is an awarded photographer at 1x and was named one of the world's best landscape photographers by Photoblog in 2019. Her work has been published in books, Nature Photography Magazine, Focus, Landscape Photography Magazine, On Landscape and many other publications. She shares her knowledge gained during her long career as a soft sculpture artist and designer combined with over 40 years of experience in photography in the many articles she writes for Landscape Photography Magazine and also her own blog. She also enjoys teaching where she puts the individual vision of photographers first.

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The Mystics

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Art code: 1 030 554
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