Tree of life with atalanta butterflies

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Bianca Wisseloo about Tree of life with atalanta butterflies

A digital collage of a tree of life that has a sort of moon shape and where the foliage is dotted with atalanta butterflies. Also called red admiral or, previously, the red admirable. The tree's roots are also visible.
The trunk, roots and branches of the tree are brown and fade to a lighter shade towards the top. The background is a (sea) landscape with the clouds reflected in the flat water. Also visible in the tree are spheres that are a kind of blossom. These have the colors of butterflies.

The Tree of Life is seen as a symbol of Life itself and is found in many cultures.
In the Christian faith, the tree represents the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
In Hinduism and Buddhism, God symbolizes the roots of the Tree of Life, as the Source of Life. The trunk and branches are the Hindu communities close to the spiritual.
All in all, the tree of life has a long history and has an important meaning for many people. Even if you do not follow a particular faith, the tree of life remains a symbol of life itself.
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Tree of life with atalanta butterflies

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Art code: 1 011 104
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