Under the palms on Ibiza beach

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Wijbe Visser about Under the palms on Ibiza beach

Ibiza a small island in the Mediterranean Sea which belongs to the Spanish territory.
Many tourists go there because it is a nice tourist island. There is plenty to see, the old town of Ibiza City with nice stores and terraces. The hippie market and the many disco events. Many famous DJs come here to perform.
After all that violence you also want to relax and enjoy the sun, sea and beach and what a pleasure it is to do that under the palm trees.
Around the island are many small beaches where you can go. It is not always easy to get there but then you have something.
We ended up at this beautiful spot on the beach on the northeast side of the island.
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In my spare time I am a photographer who love to pull out in the Netherlands and abroad to take pictures. Naturally or towns Regularly my best photos will appear on my site, https://www.wijbevisser.nl. These photos are of low resolution and have a watermark, therefore less suitable for a "large" print. For a large picture on the wall, you need a high resolution, choose a photo on the page https://www.wijbevisser.werkaandemuur.nl. If you have any questions email me. You want to stay up to date on what is posted on my site or in my shop will follow me on https://www.facebook.com / wijbe.visser. Thanks and let's hear from you through a message on my site, at the bottom of each page or via https://www.twitter.com/ @ Wijbe.

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Under the palms on Ibiza beach

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Art code: 1 027 493
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