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Justin Sinner Pictures ( Fotograaf op Texel) about Walnuts.

A still life of Walnuts. No idea why, I was working in my studio and just started breaking a few nuts. Threw a few more around them and the still life was done :)

I worked with a few lamps and pieces of cardboard. The cardboard takes out the light in the back of the photo so the foreground and stands out nicely.

I really like the colors myself and haven't come across anything like this before, so one of a kind!
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My name is Justin, I was born and raised on the beautiful Dutch island of Texel. I grew up in den Burg, the island's main village. I enjoy being in nature, especially on the beach and in the dunes. Everything is different every day, the sun, the sea, the landscape and the sky. Texel is a particularly suitable place for photography. I also make abstract photo artworks including oil, water, ecoline and paint. Have fun viewing and / or ordering my photos. With kind regards, Justin - Justin Sinner Pictures - JustinSinner.nl

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Art code: 1 047 883
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