Water through the Rambla del Cañar

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Wijbe Visser about Water through the Rambla del Cañar

We have been coming to this area for quite some time and have never seen so much water in this rambla. A rambla is actually a "gutter" to carry excess water out of the mountains. A gutter not as neat as a merchant gutter but a gully worn out by water and rock in the land. Water always seeks the lowest point and that is why a river or in this case a rambla meanders through nature. The steeper the land the faster the water runs. With real height difference it can even lead to waterfalls. You don't have waterfalls there, but one of half a meter in height does.
The area through which the rambla del Cañar runs is quite dry. All the more there is life of flora and fauna in and on the edge of the rambla. Many plants and shrubs come to life and show their most beautiful flowers. By making the picture in black and white it gives a more dramatic image of this piece of nature.
This spring it has rained a lot and therefore there is so much to see at this moment. On my site webevisser.nl you can see to your heart's content what I have encountered.
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In my spare time I am a photographer who love to pull out in the Netherlands and abroad to take pictures. Naturally or towns Regularly my best photos will appear on my site, https://www.wijbevisser.nl. These photos are of low resolution and have a watermark, therefore less suitable for a "large" print. For a large picture on the wall, you need a high resolution, choose a photo on the page https://www.wijbevisser.werkaandemuur.nl. If you have any questions email me. You want to stay up to date on what is posted on my site or in my shop will follow me on https://www.facebook.com / wijbe.visser. Thanks and let's hear from you through a message on my site, at the bottom of each page or via https://www.twitter.com/ @ Wijbe.

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Water through the Rambla del Cañar

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Art code: 1 027 501
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