Wild carrot in the sun

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Tim Abeln about Wild carrot in the sun

The wild carrot is a remarkable herbaceous plant with its typical looks in different stages of its development. A beautiful umbrella of white flowers, curled up like a bird's nest or seeding. The root can be eaten if cooked and has a rustic taste. Carrot greens also have a long history of being cultivated as an aromatic herb that can be added to foods for flavoring and fragrance. Carrots are a source of many beneficial vitamins and minerals including calcium and iron.
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Welcome! I am a Dutch photographer who just loves to go out and capture the beautiful world around us. Most of my photos are landscapes, animals and flowers. I started doing photography in 2015. Since then my perception has changed, I started seeing different things, started seeing the world in different ways. I always enjoyed a nice walk in the forest, it just seems more beautiful now. I hope you will enjoy my photos. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests.

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Wild carrot in the sun

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Art code: 497 277
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