You Are Never Alone

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Dorothy Berry-Lound about You Are Never Alone

If you have ever tried to meditate you will know how hard it is to completely clear your mind. It is human nature that when you sit quietly your busy mind will present all sorts of thoughts and concerns to you. So even when you take a walk in nature, as depicted here in my painting, in many respects you are never alone, as your thoughts and the forms they create (represented as orbs here) are always with you. They are either ahead of you anticipating what is to come, perhaps as you worry about the future, within you as you think about current concerns or behind you as you worry about the past. I have deliberately suggested chakras and their corresponding colours for many of the orbs, these are energy centres within the body that resonate to different colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue etc. I have deliberately not added the higher spiritual colours of purple, for if we are grounded in our personality and worries we cannot achieve our spiritual potential.
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This artworks is offered by Dorothy Berry-Lound

Born in the South of England I now live half way up a mountain in Umbria, Italy. I work from my art studio looking out over fabulous views of the Italian countryside. An artist and blogger, I specialize in photo art and acrylic painting. I create art to make your heart smile, capturing the spirit of place in towns and villages, or creating art to enhance the energy of your home or workplace.

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You Are Never Alone

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Art code: 1 102 379
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