flowers in copenhagen | blossom tree

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Blossoms are beautiful pink flowers. pastel colors in spring. Magnolia or also called the beaver tree. White pink flowers. Pastel colors in nature.
Botanical photography, detailed drawing of plants in nature. Creative botanical green art for the wall. Photography art to enjoy every day. Scandinavian interior design. Green plants give atmosphere and warm.
Fine art macro photography of nature. Green leaves with beautiful leaf veins. Colorful flowers make the world cheerful. Ferns give love. Spring flowers are the most beautiful. the rhododendron only blooms for 3 weeks but after that a beautiful green bush emerges. Tulips in the garden.
Green and pink colors. A green plant in the sunlight, country style macro photo.
Green ferns symbolize: 'Rest, Awakening, Movement, Strength, Growth, and Positive change'.
Green plants in the home or garden. Botanical art especially suits bohemian style in your interior or office.

Architecture in Copenhagen. A big city full of colorful buildings. Details in doorknobs. Wooden window frames. Many windows and colored doors.
A city where you can get lost in the many residential areas. Modern little cafes. Many green parks and museums.
The cozy city full of culture. Vintage styles can be found everywhere. modern stylish fashion. Small streets, beautiful bridges over canals connecting the different residential areas. In the spring blossoms everywhere. In the summer cozy terraces.
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Fine art photography. Photography from my heart. Storyteller. Introvert.

?Liefde around me. So much beauty. So much love. Makes my heart happy

♥ Karijn ♥

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flowers in copenhagen | blossom tree

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Art code: 1 017 277
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