Oliver Henze Wernigerode, Germany

At Home in the Harz...

Sun-drenched forests, misty mountains, blooming poppy fields or breathtaking photos of the starry sky are only a small selection of his diverse motifs.Oliver Henze is always driven out into nature, in search of new, interesting places on winding paths, off the beaten tourist track. A very special hobbyhorse for Oliver is the forest. The worse the weather, the more interesting the motifs there become. This is especially clear when mystical fog.Also night hikes on the Brocken and regular forays through the rocky landscapes of the Bode Valley always give rise to very special and rare images.

Oliver: "My goal is to capture the moment and the mood that are unique in each picture. Of course, it takes a bit of luck, but if you just go for it, you often find the best inspiration in the unexpected.